DAve SChweitzer, a/k/a DASC, was born on 9 January 1972 as the only son of Belgian – French parents, with the ancestral blood of Dr. Albert Schweitzer and Jean-Paul Sartre flowing through his veins.

He describes his work as “inner portraits”: an abstract way to portray the reality not visible to the naked eye. Like a sponge, he absorbs the essence of the people he meets and the places he visits. During the creation of their abstract portraits, this sponge is squeezed gently – or roughly – to give birth to compositions that do not pretend to depict the outside, but the inside: the true reality.

In this way, conceptual art sometimes becomes more abstract than expected, and abstract art can reveal itself to be more conceptual than it appears to be. The work of DAve SChweitzer can therefor come in many forms and cover different disciplines.

SChweitzer has work in public and private collections in a.o. Belgium, France, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, The USA, Russia and Japan.

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Drawings from the Loony Bin :
13 Jan – 19 Feb 2017